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Important Notice

Travel support
The result of travel support committee has been sent to the applicants from overseas. Let us know if you have not recieved the result.

Invitation letter
The invitation letter for obtaining Japanse visa or other purpose has been sent to the applicants. Let us know if you have not recieved it or if you have not been contacted from us.

Transportation to the conference site
You cannot get to the conference site on that day in case of late arrival at Kansai(Osaka) airport (after 15:30). Let us know if there is no earlier flight.

Submission of contributed papers
To contribute a full paper to BCP4, you are asked to place your contributed papers in your collaboration's official web site or the Los Alamos preprint archive, and register the URL or the Los Alamos arvhive numbers for the papers via email to us. DO NOT SEND US YOUR ACTUAL PAPERS.
You are also required to keep papers unchanged after the publicaton. If you need further information, contact us.

Important Deadlines

Contributed paper: By January 15,2001
Proceedings: By March 31,2001

BCP4 information!!

B factories offer various opportunities to look for new physics at presently accessible energies.
Belle, Babar, and CLEO are taking data and the next few years represent very exciting period for B physics.

Cognizant of this point, the first of the biannual International Conference on B physics and CP violation was held in Nagoya in 1994. The second one of the series was held in Honolulu and the third in Taipei. In Taipei, the international advisory committee met and decided that this conference should now be held annually as both B factories are in operation. The committee has also decided that the 4th meeting should be held in central Japan, and the 5th meeting should be held in Philadelphia.
We will welcome the new century by getting together and discuss beauty physics and CP violation.

It will be held during the period of February 19-23, 2001 in a picturesque bay of Ise, the place where beautiful pearls are grown.

Conference Date: February 19-23,2001
Conference Site: Shima Kankou Hotel

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