Registration Fee

Pre- Registration(staff):27,000 yen
Pre- Registration(student):18,000 yen
Registration(staff): 30,000 yen
Registration(student):20,000 yen

Please make registration (Symposium, Banquet and Colloquium Lunch)
and reservation of accommodations using the following form. Application Form

Travel Support

We have obtained some travel fund for phyicists from developing countries.
Scince there is lots of paper work for this support, please register as soon as possible. We can not accept any application beyond the deadline.

If you need to talk, in order to get funding from your collaboration, and if you it is not your turn to give a talk on behalf of your collaboration, please look into the possibility of submitting a paper to the submitted paper session. It is almost the same as the plenary session. The poster session is also available. Poster session should not be seen as means for lowly post docs to show their work. To promote the poster session, Sanda, Oshima, and Aihara (PI's of the grant which made the conference possible) will be giving poster sessions. The people who give poster session will be listed in the program. It is a very effective way to communicate and therefore your collaboration should not have any problem giving you a travel support to give a presentation in the poster session.

Important Dates

Contributed paper abstracts: December 15,2000
Contributed paper: January 15,2001