Third Circular
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- Third Circular -

International Workshop on
B Physics & CP Violation

February 19-23, 2001, Ise-Shima, Japan

The 4th International Workshop on B physics and CP violation will be held in Ise-Shima, Japan, during February 19-23, 2001. Local organizers are from Nagoya University. The first of the series was held in Nagoya in 1994. The second one of the series was held in Honolulu and the third in Taipei. In Taipei, the international advisory committee met and decided that this workshop should now be held annually as both asymmetric B factories are in operation. The committee has also decided that the 4th meeting should be held in central Japan, and the 5th meeting should be held in Philadelphia.
B factories offer various opportunities to look for new physics at presently accessible energies. Belle, Babar, and CLEO are taking data and the next few years represent very exciting period for B physics. We will welcome the new century by getting together and discuss beauty physics and CP violation.
 1.  Conference Date and Site

Conference Date:  February 19 (Mon.) - February 23 (Fri.), 2001
Conference Site: The Shima Kanko Hotel in Ise-Shima, Japan
 2. Scientific Program

Please refer to the Web site (
If you do not have access to the Web information, please send us e-mail.

To speakers:

We will be equiped with a data projector so that powerpoint slide show can be made. We recommend as many of you as possible to use it. If you choose to use it, the preparation and test should be done before your talk. If possible, please send us transparency files by e-mail.

Poster talk:

Please see the web site for the poster specification.
 3. Access to conference site

The access to the conference site is also given in the Web site. From Tokyo direction, it is cheaper and faster to come on Kintetsu Railway from Nagoya. We have added this information on the Web.

Access from Osaka (Kansai International Airport)

In case of late arrival at Kansai International Airport (after 15:30), there is no public transportation to the conference site.

We offer a special bus (4840 yen, same price as the public  transportation) from Kansai(Osaka) airport to the conference site  around 17:30 on Feb.18. 
Please e-mail us if you are interested in using this bus.

We will hang up a signboard at where you go out of the Customs through  North Exit.
There are two exits out of the Customs(North and South). Please come to the North Exit of the International Arrivals at 17:30 on Feb.18.
 4. Accommodation and Meals


Accommodation is arranged in Shima Kanko Hotel where the conference is held.


Registration and Welcome party will be held 17:00 and 19:00 on Feb.18(Sun). Breakfast, lunch and the banquet on Feb.21(Wed) are included in the registration fee and the room charge.
Dinner arrangements for Feb.19, 20, 22 can be made individually by the participants.
It is, however, a big hassel taking a train to the neighboring town etc.. So we have arranged authentic Japanese meals(Y\llap=3000 for three meals) at Kashikojima Park Hotel ichishio(10 min. walk from Shima Kanko Hotel). It is really a bargain at this price. The package for three meals can be purchased only at the time of the registration. If you need vegetarian meals , please let us know ahead of time by e-mail.
 5. Correspondence


BCP4 Phone: +81-52-789-2893
Department of Physics Fax: +81-52-782-5752
Nagoya University E-mail:
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku URL:
Nagoya 464-8602, Japan


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