We have block reservation at the following two hotels and on-campus guest houses.
If you like to stay one of these, please request in the registration form, and 
send it by  November 24 . First come, first served. 
After the deadline (November 24), please find hotels by yourself.

We plan to start the workshop around 1pm on 6th and end around 4pm on 7th.

  • "Rubura Ouzan"
    6,468 JYEN/night, 3-min. walk from "Ikeshita" subway station, #available = 15 single rooms.
  • "Mielparque Nagoya"
    6,237 JYEN/night, 2-min. walk from "Chikusa" subway station, #available = 30 single rooms.
On-campus Guest House (no internet access available there):
  • "Green Salon Higashiyama" 4,080 JYEN/night, #available = 5 single rooms.
  • "Shokuin Club" 3,260 JYEN/night, #available = 5 single rooms.