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  • 2008 Nov.23th: Preliminary agenda / participant list has been posted.
  • 2008 Nov.18th: English HP has been created.
  • 2008 Oct.10th: Workshop HP has been created.

The workshop was finished successfully. Thank you very much !

After discovery of X(3872) at Belle, many non-c-cbar meson candidates
have been found. In 2007, a charged charmonium-like exotic, Z(4430)+
was observed. Based on these discoveries, existence of the tetraquarks
is thought to become quite likely. This fact attracts both elementary
particle physics and nuclear physics research activities. On the other
hand, after the sensational report of pentaquark in 2003, the LEPS
experiment at Spring-8 has propelled studies of exotic meson-baryon
resonances, such as higher statistics study of pentaquark, Lambda(1405)
and so on. There have ben also remarkable theoretical attempts,
quark model based  hadron spectroscopy and interactions,
numerical approaches with lattice QCD and so on.
Hence, Japanese physicists are now the leading activity to
dig up fundamentals of hadron physics. In addition, several
high intensity future facility plans exist; Super B-factory, LEPS2 and
J-PARC. It is expected that further research progress would be realized
by sharing interests by elementary particle physics and nuclear
physics fields. The researcher's crossover among relevant fields
will bring us significant merit in not only physics but also
instrumentation for future experiment plans.

Considering such a situation, we propose to gather researchers from
the three fields, which have been developing in relatively independent
manner each other, elementary particle physics, nuclear physics and  
theoretical physics, to propel studies of new hadron existing style
such as tetraquarks, pentaquarks and so on in various quark flavors.
Many interested vigorous and/or young people's attending is highly
welcome. See you soon in Nagoya.

Organizing committee;
S. Ajimura (RCNP, Osaka), T. Iijima (Nagoya), Y. Sakai (KEK),
T. Nakano (RCNP, Osaka), H. Noumi (RCNP, Osaka), M. Harada (Nagoya),
A. Hosaka (RCNP, Osaka), K. Miyabayashi (Nara)

The workshop is supported by;

Global COE Program "Quest for Fundamental Principles in the Universe"
Nagoya University Tau-Lepton Physics Research Center