World Research Unit for Heavy Flavor Particle Physics
Symposium 2016
"Interplay between LHC and Flavor Physics"

14-15 March, 2016
Nagoya University, Japan

The World Research Unit for Heavy Flavor Particle Physics, Nagoya University will host a symposium "Interplay between LHC and Flavor Physics", to discuss prospect of New Physics search at LHC Run2 and coming flavor physics experiments and possible interplay between them.
Anticipated invited speakers and possible talk title will include; The scientific program starts at 10:30am, Monday, March 14 and finish around 12:30pm, Tuesday, March 15. A party will be held in the evening of Monday.

Talks are invited only. There will be a poster session to encourage young people to present their works.

Although limited, support for travel inside Japan is possible. If you need support, please indicate it in the registration form.

The expected registration fee is 3,000 yen for staff and 1,000 yen for students. No credit card for payment. We accept only cash.
The deadline of the registration and the poster title submission is February 29.

Participants are kindly asked to arrange hotel rooms by themselves.


The symposium is supported by

Local organizers

Toru Iijima, Junji Hisano, Makoto Tomoto, Alessandro Gaz and Kodai Matsuoka (KMI, Nagoya University)