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N-lab student won the excellence prize in the contest at ROOT lecture 2020

From April 30 to May 28, the Youth Meeting for AstroParticle (YMAP) hosted ROOT Lecture 2020 (in Japanese), in which about 170 students from various universities participated online.

ROOT is a data analysis framework developed by CERN. To understand the basics of computers, ROOT, and C + +, five lectures were given. Six undergraduate students and three master course students from our laboratory also participated.

In the free research contest held during the lecture, in which participants can set their analysis themes, Chihaya Kamide from our laboratory won the excellence prize for his report on "Analysis of Tierra Artificial Life Using ROOT". Tierra is an artificial life program developed by the biologist Thomas Rey in the 1990s. In this report, he analyzed with ROOT the relations among population size, species, and body length when artificial life forms are grown and increased to a certain extent. He commented, "I was personally delighted to find that there was one species in the histogram that had an odd distribution and understand that it was the 'parasitic species' that is a notable feature of Tierra."

Congratulations, Chihaya!