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N-lab members reported their research results at JPS 2020 Autumn Meeting

12 members reported their research results at JPS 2020 Autumn Meeting, The Physical Society of Japan, from Sep. 14th to Sep. 17th, 2020. The presentation slides can be checked from the links below.

〈 The ATLAS Experiment 〉
Yu Nakahama, " The most recent results of SUSY serches using ATLAS Run2 full dataset and the status of R&D for HL-LHC" (16aSD-2)
Moe Wakida, " Development of monitoring tool for multi-threaded muon trigger for the LHC-ATLAS experiment Run-3" (16pSF-3)
Toshihiro Yamada, " Development of the quality check system of mass-produced ASICs for timing adjustment of the Thin Gap Chamber for the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC" (16pSF-6)
Yuya Kano, " Development of TGC detector readout firmware for the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC" (16pSF-8)
Ryota Watai, " Development of the signal processing firmware for the first-level muon trigger of the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC" (16pSF-9)

〈 The Belle II Experiment 〉
Kokoro Maehara, " Simulation of performance of TOP counter with SiPM for Belle II upgrade" (15pSF-10)
Kazuki Kojima, " Evaluation of stability of photon detection efficiency using collision data and the latest operational status of the TOP counter at the Belle II experiment" (17aSE-3)
Shunki Hara, " Development of particle identification algorithm with neural network for Belle II TOP counter" (17aSE-5)
Qi-dong Zhou, " Development and evaluation of slow control for new readout system of Belle II experiment" (17aSE-9)
Noritsugu Tsuzuki, " Study of Lepton Flavor Violation tau -> l V0 at the Belle II experiment" (17pSE-6)

〈 J-PARC E34 (muon/g-2) Experiment 〉
Mai Yotsuzuka, " Improvement of bunch width monitor with high time resolution for low emittance muon beam in the J-PARC E34 experiment" (17aSD-1)

〈 Detector Development 〉
Ryogo Okubo, " Study of gas multiplication of GasPM, a new photodetector" (15pSF-9)

In addition, the symposium "Status and prospects of new physics search in flavor physics" was held in this JPS meeting. Prof. Toru Iijima provided the opening talk and Prof. Alessandro Gaz (KMI) presented the following talk on the anomaly in semi-leptonic decay of B mesons.

Alessandro Gaz, " Status and prospect of anomalies in b → c τ- ντ and b → s μ+ μ- transitions" (16pSD-7)