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N-lab members reported the research results, and Mr. Sumi won the Best Talk Award at Flavor Physics Workshop 2020

Four students reported the research results at Flavor Physics Workshop 2020, held online from Nov. 24th to Nov. 27th, 2020. The presentation slides by N-lab students can be checked from the links below. (All of them are in Japanese.)

Kazumichi Sumi, " Simulation study of beam transportation in the test beam line at KEK"
Shunki Hara, " Development of particle identification algorithm with neural network for Belle II TOP counter"
Kokoro Maehara, " Feasibility study of TOP counter with SiPM for Belle II upgrade"
Ryogo Okubo, " Study of gas multiplication of GasPM, a new photodetector"

Online presentation at the workshop
(Starting on the top-left, you see reports by Mr. Sumi, Mr. Hara, Mr.Maehara and Mr. Okubo.)

Among the presenters of research reports in this workshop, Mr. Sumi was selected as a winner of the Best Talk Award. Congratulations!

Mr. Sumi, the Winner of th Best Talk Award