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Tomomi Kawaguchi received the ATLAS Outstanding Achievement Award

Tomomi Kawaguchi received the ATLAS Outstanding Achievement Award with three other collaborators.

The ATLAS Outstanding Achievement Award is given to researchers who have made outstanding contribution to technical works in the ATLAS experiment, for instance, those for stable high-quality data taking.

A trigger system is an essential component of the ATLAS experiment for deciding in real time whether to record data from given high-frequency collisions. Its successful operation has a crucial impact on the dataset used in physics analyses. The Level-1 endcap muon trigger system using the muon detector (TGC) decides muon momentum by collating actual TGC hit information with comparison tables (Lookup Tables).

Her contribution is tuning the comparison tables considering magnetic field non-uniformity, and validation & implementation of the optimized tables. This work enables stable data taking even though the number of the simultaneous collisions increases during the LHC operation period.

She shows her pleasure with the following comments.

I am happy to receive such a wonderful award. I was able to receive this award not only by my own efforts but also with the help of Nlab ATLAS members and other Nlab members and collaborators. I am very grateful to them.

Tomomi Kawaguchi


You can see the ATLAS official announcement from here. ATLAS recognises the outstanding achievements Collaboration members