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Prof.Nakahama received the Silver Award of Toshiko Yuasa Prize.

Prof.Nakahama (KMI) received the Silver Award of Toshiko Yuasa Prize for "Search for new particles in large accelerator experiments." This award is given to female researchers who are expected to play an active role internationally in the field of physics.

She shows her pleasure with the following comments.

I am very honoured to receive the Toshiko Yuasa award for international female researchers in physics. I greatly appreciate the continuous support of my colleagues in N-lab, KMI, the LHC-ATLAS experiment and my family. In the stimulating atmosphere in Nagoya University as well as the interdisciplinary & international research environments at N-lab and KMI, I could make several research achievements. I will continue progressing with physics research in order to discover New Physics.

Yu Nakahama


You can get information about the prize (Japanese) here.
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