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N-lab members reported their research results at JPS 76th Annual Meeting

Thirteen members reported the research results at JPS 76th Annual Meeting, The Physical Society of Japan, from Mar. 12th to Mar. 15th, 2021. The titles of presentations are listed below. The presentation slides, in Japanese, can be checked from the links below.

〈 The ATLAS Experiment 〉
Haruka Asada, " Development of the signal modeling for the top mass measurement using J/ψ meson at the LHC-ATLAS experiment " (13pT1-1)
Shota Hayashida, " Development of an analysis method for non-resonant di-Higgs production search in the 4b final state with the ATLAS detector " (13pT1-3)
Takumi Nakajima, " Development of the tracking algorithm using machine learning for TGC trigger of the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC " (14aT3-9)
Masaki Minakawa, " Prototype test for the frontend board of the Thin Gap Chamber for the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC " (14pT3-9)
Yuki Mitsumori, " Development of track reconstruction firmware for muon trigger in the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC " (14pT3-11)

〈 The Belle II / Belle Experiment 〉
Tomoya Nakano, " Lifetime and performance measurement of life-extended ALD-MCP-PMT for long-term operation of the TOP counter in the Belle II experiment " (12pT2-1)
Akane Maeda, " One-photon time resolution measurement of SiPM in magnetic fields or cryogenic temperatures " (14pT2-5)
Yuki Sue, " Performance evaluation of the event timing finder algorithm for the Central Drift Chamber level-1 trigger in beam collision at the Belle II experiment " (14pT3-1)
Qi-dong Zhou, " Prospects for the B-meson physics and new-physics search from the analysis of the early Belle II data " (15aT1-1)
Hikari Hirata, " Sensitivity estimation for measurement of the X(3872) → D D‾* coupling constant at Belle towards the elucidation of X(3872) internal structure " (15aU1-1)

〈 J-PARC muon/g−2 Experiment 〉
Mai Yotsuzuka, " Evaluation of bunch width monitor with high time resolution for low emittance muon beam in the J-PARC muon g−2/EDM experiment " (12pX1-8)
Kazumichi Sumi, " Improvement of the high time resolution bunch width monitor with improved readout system using the waveform digitizer in the J-PARC muon g−2/EDM experiment " (12pX1-9)

〈 Detector Development 〉
Ryogo Okubo, " Demonstration of high time resolution of GasPM, a new photodetector " (12pT2-6)