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N-lab members reported their research results at JPS 77th Annual Meeting

Ten members reported the research results at JPS 77th Annual Meeting, The Physical Society of Japan, from Mar. 15th to Mar. 19th, 2022. The titles of presentations are listed below.

〈 The ATLAS Experiment 〉
Yuki Nabeyama, " Development of track selection firmware for hardware-based muon trigger of the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC " (15aA572-8)
Shota Hayashida, " Search for non-resonant di-Higgs production in the 4b final state at the LHC-ATLAS experiment " (15pA561-4)
Yuya Ohsumi, " Irradiation test of elements on the muon detector electronics for the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC " (16aA562-11)
Yuki Mitsumori, " Performance evaluation of muon track reconstruction firmware for hardware trigger in the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC " (17pA562-5)
Kazumasa Hashizume, " Development of power management system on the board of first-level muon trigger in the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC " (17pA562-6)

〈 The Belle Ⅱ Experiment 〉
Akane Maeda, " Study of SiPM implementation by simulation for the TOP Counter of the Belle II experiment " (15pA562-1)
Yuya Adachi, " Quantum efficiency measurement and replacement method establishment of the MCP-PMT in the TOP counter at the BelleⅡ experiment " (15pA562-2)
Keisuke Yoshihara, " Development of a new beam diagnosis system for SuperKEKB accelerator " (16aA561-2)
Qidong Zhou, " Development and operation status of the Belle II new readout system " (17pA562-1)

〈 J-PARC muon g−2/EDM Experiment 〉
Kazumichi Sumi, " Basic design of S-band disk-loaded structure for muon LINAC in the J-PARC muon g−2/EDM experiment " (15aA124-10)

The symposium " New developments in particle and nuclear physics experiments pioneered by high-intensity beam and target technology " was held in this JPS meeting. Prof. Keisuke Yoshihara presented the following talk.
Keisuke Yoshihara, " Search for new physics with high luminosity machine " (19pS06-4)