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N-lab members reported their research results at High Energy Physics Spring School

High Energy Physics Spring School was held from May 26th to 28th. From N-Lab, five students participated, giving oral presentations and poster presentations. This School is organized by researchers from various universities, including Prof. Makoto Tomoto. High Energy Physics Spring School website can be found here. The presentation, in Japanese, can be found on the link below.

Hikari Hirata, "Study of Exotic Hadron at the Belle II Experiment"
Yuka Ibaraki, "Bunch Width Monitor in the medium speed section of the muon linac of the Muon g-2/EDM experiment at J-PARC"
Miyuki Kikuchi, "Sensitivity estimation for H->ss search with machine learning"
Daisuke Hashimoto, "Research and Development of the track reconstruction algorithm for AICHAM, an ultra-low radioactivity alpha-ray imaging chamber"
Arisa Wada, "Performance evaluation of event reconstruction of charged pions in a compact water Cherenkov detector using simulation"

Ms. Hirata gave her presentation as an invited lecture by an alumna of this school.