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N-lab members reported the research results, and Mr. Kojima won the Best Talk Award at Flavor Physics Workshop 2022

Flavor Physics Workshop 2022 (FPWS2022) , which was held locally for the first time in three years on November 7th-10th, 2022, the oral presentations were given by Kazuki Kojima, Ryogo Okubo, Kazumichi Sumi, Akane Maeda, Michele Aversano, and Yuya Adachi.
N-lab staff members Associate Prof. Kenji Inami, Associate Prof. Keisuke Yoshihara, and Assistant Prof. Qidong Zhou also participated in the workshop as organizers.

In addition, Mr. Kojima, a third-year doctoral student in our laboratory, won the Best Talk Award, which was decided by the participants' votes. Congratulations!

The presentation slides can be found on the link below.

Kazuki Kojima," Estimation of systematic uncertainties for R(D*) measurement using the hadronic tag algorithm at 189 fb-1 data in the Belle II experiment"
Ryogo Okubo," Measurement of longitudinal polarization and branching fraction of B0ρ+ρ- at the Belle II experiment "
Kazumichi Sumi," Development of the muon accelerator high-velocity section for the J-PARC muon g-2/EDM experiment "
Akane Maeda," Study of SiPM implementation by simulation for the TOP counter at the Belle II experiment "
Michele Aversano," Beam loss at SuperKEKB: an analysis with the new loss monitor system for the Belle II experiment "
Yuya Adachi," Evaluation of quantum efficiency variation of MCP-PMT in the TOP counter at the Belle II experiment "

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Kazuki Kojima