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Ph.D. defense by Noritsugu Tsuzuki and Shota Hayashida will be held

Ph.D. defense by Noritsugu Tsuzuki (from 10:00) and Shota Hayashida (from 13:00) will be held in the conference room of the Department of Physics (C207) on January 25th, 2023. Due to the spread of covid-19 infection, the session may be switched to online suddenly. If you want to participate, please make contact with us using the following e-mail address.

Mr. Tsuzuki's defense Contact:  Prof. Toru Iijima: (change _@_ to @)
Mr. Hayashida's defense Contact: Prof. Makoto Tomoto: (change _@_ to @)

The titles of the Ph.D. theses are below.

Noritsugu Tsuzuki “Search for lepton-flavor-violating tau decays into a lepton and a vector meson at the Belle experiment.”
You can check its abstract here (Japanese).
Shota Hayashida “Search for non-resonant Higgs pair production in the \(b\bar{b}b\bar{b}\) final state with the ATLAS detector.”
You can check its abstract here (Japanese).