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The 45th Belle II General Meeting was held

The 45th Belle II General Meeting, a collaboration meeting of the Belle II experiment, was held at Nagoya University from June 5th to 9th, with the Kobayashi Maskawa Institute (KMI) as the host. More than 150 collaborators convened to advance the experiment through dedicated face-to-face discussions for tasks, problems, and plans. During the meeting, we summarized and shared recent status and plans regarding detector operations during and after the current SuperKEKB shutdown period. Additionally, we discussed ongoing physics analyses and addressed issues toward international conferences this summer and future prospects. The opening remarks were delivered by Prof. Toru Iijima, and the following presentations were given by three members from our laboratory in plenary sessions.

  • Kenji Inami, "Status and plans of the TOP detector"
  • Yuki Sue, "Status of e+e-→ π+π-π0 cross-section analysis"
  • Kazuki Kojima, "Status of R(D*) analysis with the hadronic FEI tagging method"

On the final day of the meeting, a ceremony took place to mark the transition of the spokesperson role from Prof. Iijima, who served for two terms of four years. He has strongly promoted the Belle II experiment as its representative since 2019, and the collaboration achieved in 2022 a remarkable milestone of the world's highest luminosity record, overcoming challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic on our international collaboration. The "torch" of the spokesperson has now been passed to Prof. Karim Trabelsi (IJCLab, France). You can access an album with photos of this meeting from here.

Spokesperson hand-over ceremony