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N-lab members reported their research results at the 78th JPS Annual Meeting (2023)

Seven students reported their research results at the 78th Annual Meeting (2023), The Physical Society of Japan, held in Tohoku University, Japan, on September 16th-19th, 2023. The presentation slides, in Japanese, can be found at the following links.

〈 The ATLAS Experiment 〉
Arisa Wada, " Performance evaluation of a new inner-station TGC detector at the HL-LHC ATLAS experiment"   (16aRA81-1)
Daisuke Hashimoto, " Development of the power distribution board for the frontend electronics of new inner TGC detector at HL-LHC ATLAS experiment"   (16aRA81-2)
Yuya Ohsumi, " Irradiation test of SFP+ transceiver for the muon detector electronics of the ATLAS experiment at HL LHC"   (16aRA81-5)
Haruka Asada, " Improvement in the top mass measurement using J/ψ meson at the LHC-ATLAS experiment"   (17pRA34-7)
Yuki Mitsumori, " Development for Higgs STXS measurement of vector boson fusion processes at the LHC-ATLAS experiment"   (17pRA34-8)

〈 The Belle II Experiment 〉
Yuki Sue, " Measurement of e+e-π+π-π0 cross section at the Belle II experiment"   (17pRA81-12)
Kazuki Kojima, " Measurement of R(D*) using the hadronic tag algorithm with 189 fb-1 data at the Belle II experiment"   (18aRD11-2)

〈 J-PARC muon g−2/EDM Experiment 〉
Kazuhito Suzuki, " The generation demonstration and beam-property evaluation of the ultra-slow muons using the real system of the muon cooling and extraction for the J-PARC muon g−2/EDM experiment "  (17pRA81-11)

The symposium "Formation and Development of the Multiscale Muon Imaging for Particles and Huge Structures" was also organized in this JPS meeting. Prof. Yasuyuki Horii presented the following talk in the symposium session.
Yasuyuki Horii, "Probing the origins of our universe and matter using muons"   (17aS31-2)