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The 8th International Workshop on Tau-Lepton Physics, Tau04, will be held in Nara-ken New Public Hall, Japan, from Tuesday, September 14 to Friday, September 17, 2004. This is the eighth Workshop of this series devoted to the physics of the tau lepton and its associated neutrino. The meetings have been organized every two years since the first workshop at the University of Paris(Orsay,France) in 1990. The latest workshop was held in 2002, at the University of California, Santa Cruz, California, USA.

The goal of the Workshop is, by getting together theorists and experimentalists, to discuss recent progress in tau lepton physics. New Tau results from high energy machines, low energy machines and B-factories will be presented as well as recent results from g-2 and neutrino oscillation experiments. Also included in the program are related subjects like the hadron cross section measurement at e+e- colliders as well as a search for mu->e gamma decays. In addition, there will be several review talks on the future prospects.

Topics include

At the Workshop, we will discuss the following subjects:
- Lepton Flavor Violation in tau decays
- Measurement of the tau branching fractions
- Measurement of the tau spectral functions
- Search for CP-violation in lepton sector
- Cabibbo suppressed decays
- Strange quark mass
- Tau lepton rare decays
- g-2 and the hadron cross section at e+e- colliders
- Neutrino oscillation experiments
- mu->e gamma and Lepton Flavor Violation
- Tau lepton at hadron machines


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The workshop is supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Area 14046102 from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.
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