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The proceedings of the TAU04 workshop will be published by Elsevier, Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements. We kindly ask all the contributing authors to submit a paper to be included in the proceedings by 20 November, 2004.

This is an excerpt from Elsevier instructions for the authors (following the link "Guide to publish with Elsevier" -> "Latex file guidelines").

<Preparing CRC Articles with LaTeX>
To write a two-column article, please download the package espcrc 2.
tar.gz format and zip (Winzip, tkzip) format are available.

This package contains:
espcrc2.sty, the document style
espcrc2.tex, the author guide
Readme2, the readme file

The author guide is also avairable in PDF format.

<Page length>
The length of the proceeding is assigned to be 2 pages per 5minutes talks.

6 pages for 15+5 minutes talks,
8 pages for 20+5 minutes talks,
10pages for 25+5 minutes talks,
12 pages for the talks longer than 30+5 minutes.
Please keep these maximum in your draft.