Elucidation of New Hadrons with a Variety of Flavors


Research Project A01: Research of exotic hadrons at B-factory experiment

We propel research of exotic hadrons by analyzing high statistics data accumulated by Belle detector at KEKB electron-positron asymmetric collider.
Belle experiment carried out first observation of CP violation in B meson system and played crucial role to Nobel prize in Physics at 2008 given to Kobayashi and Maskawa. Not only this great achievement, but also Belle experiment explored the first exotic meson, X(3872), that has possibility to be a tetraquark. This discovery attracted world-wide attention to the fact that B-factory data will be a nice playground to study new aspect of hadron physics.

Discoveries of exotic meson candidates have been made in B meson decays as well as electron-positron annihilation, initial state radiation and so on. Among them, most striking one is observation of Z(4430), charged exotic object and it established existence of exotic mesons. Thus Belle experiment has been leading research activities of heavy-flavored exotic hadrons.

Already accumulated huge statistics data is thought to still contain unrevealed exotic hadrons and new hadronic states. Being encouraged this point of view, nuclear physicists have newly joined Belle experiment and started physics analyses with new ideas.
In this research, by maximizing usage of existent Belle researchers' knowledge and experiences, we plan to carry out many interesting physics analyses collaborating with newly coming experimental physicists as well as theorists. Heavy flavored mesons are main aim, but also light flavored hadrons and baryons are also as of interest.

Research items

  1. Studies of exotic hadrons with charmonium and charm mesons in B meson decays.
  2. Search for pentaquark in B decays to baryon, anti-baryon and meson.
  3. Studies of exotic hadrons in electron-positron annihilation.
  4. Studies of exotic hadrons in photon-photon collisions.
  5. Studies of exotic hadrons from Upsilon(1S) up to Upsilon(6S) region.
  6. Studies of exotic hadrons in particle interactions with detector material.

We welcome various hadron physics research plan using Belle experiment data.

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