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N-lab members reported their research results at JPS 2023 Spring Meeting

Eleven members reported the research results at the JPS 2023 Spring Meeting, The Physical Society of Japan, on March 22nd-25th, 2023. The presentation slides, in Japanese, can be found at the following links.

〈 The ATLAS Experiment 〉
Yuya Ohsumi, " Irradiation test of flash memory and optical fiber for the muon detector electronics for the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC " (23pT3-9)
Haruka Asada, " Estimation of systematic uncertainties on the top mass measurement using J/ψ meson at the LHC-ATLAS experiment " (24aT1-3)
Arisa Wada, " Design and validation of the trigger logic for a new inner-layer Triplet TGC detector at the HL-LHC ATLAS experiment " (24aT3-1)
Miyuki Kikuchi, " Alignment study of LHC-ATLAS muon trigger detector using Run3 collision " (24aT3-4)
Daisuke Hashimoto, " Quality check of the frontend board in early production for the muon detector at the HL-LHC ATLAS experiment " (24aT3-5)

〈 The Belle/Belle Ⅱ Experiment 〉
Hikari Hirata, " Measurement of X(3872) lineshape using BD0D*0K decays at Belle " (22aV1-5)
Keisuke Yoshihara, " Review of physics results and the prospect after Long Shutdown Period at the Belle Ⅱ experiment " (22pT1-2)
Kazuki Kojima, " R(D*) measurement using the hadronic tag algorithm with 189 fb-1 data at the Belle Ⅱ experiment " (22pT1-3)
Michele Aversano, " B→τν Branching Ratio Sensitivity Study with the Hadronic Tag at the Belle Ⅱ Experiment " (22pT1-5)
Michele Aversano, " Beam Abort analysis at SuperKEKB/Belle Ⅱ Experiment " (24pT3-7)
Akane Maeda, " Detection efficiency evaluation of EMT using test beamline for the development of the SuperKEKB beam loss monitor system " (25pV2-1)

〈 J-PARC muon g−2/EDM Experiment 〉
Yuka Ibaraki, " Development of the diagnostic beamline for low-velocity muon acceleration test for the J-PARC muon g−2/EDM experiment " (25aT3-4)